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We provide mobility, quality of life improvements, recreation opportunities, companionship, and spiritual support to thousands of seniors in 79 nursing homes across Kentucky & Indiana. Opal’s is a 501(c)(3) charity accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Our services are desperately needed, as Kentucky seniors suffer from highest rates of depression in the U.S., and the second highest rates of social isolation. Despite the hard work of the many dedicated health professionals who work around the clock to care for our seniors, Kentucky ranks 45th in the U.S. for nursing home quality and 48th in senior outcomes. Indiana seniors fair slightly better, but the Hoosier state is ranked only 39th overall for senior outcomes.

Click for additional information from The United Health Foundation about the challenges facing Kentucky or Indiana seniors.

Watch the video below to see what inspired us to take up this mission, or click these links to learn about our flagship programs.

Summer of Fun

Christmas Gift Bag Program

Video courtesy of Paul Goodyear.

The easter bunny is great…

but opal’s bunnies visit every week of the year!

Many studies have demonstrated the profound & lasting benefits of engaging with animals. Our Chaplain works full-time to bring non-denominational spiritual care and comfort in over a dozen facilities. Our Animal Ministry is an integral part of that work, as seniors enjoy meaningful interactions with rabbits, guinea pigs, ducklings, and our cat. Whenever our furry ambassadors appear, every face lights up, and every heart is warmed.

We also engage seniors with

the power of music

The gift of music, a core component of the Summer of Fun program and our ongoing Music Ministry, has been demonstrated to provide substantial mental health benefits, and is broadly effective in reducing depression. Opal’s has provided full-size jukeboxes to dozens of facilities, which serve as focal points of social activity, and have provided countless hours of entertainment and comfort to thousands of seniors. For seniors whose physical condition prevents them from accessing common areas, we also provide individual CD players, boomboxes, radios, and MP3 players.

The Lives We Touch: 2018 Year In Review

Below are a few of the thousands of dreams we've helped come true over the years. Requests range from small items like blankets and stuffed animals, to life-changing items like electric wheelchairs or a bucket list trip for a hospice patient. We make dreams - big and small - come true whenever we can. We partner with businesses, and work with people just like you to make good things happen in the lives of local seniors - and Opal's knows how to get our money's worth.

Things We Gave Away…

Over 5,900 Christmas Gift Bags

(with >75,000 individual gifts; CLick here for details)

227 cases candy & snacks

85 stuffed animals

80 Christmas decorations, a Christmas train set & 3 trees, plus a 12-foot Santa inflatable

38 TV’s (and 27 brackets) for residents, plus 3 sets wireless TV speakers

30 pumpkins

26 boxes bingo prizes & miscellaneous small items

16 visits from Elvis, 2 from Hank Williams, 2 from Santa, and 6 magic shows

15 CD players & boomboxes, 3 MP3 players, and one handheld radio

15 large print bibles

15 garden boxes with plants, dirt, tools, and gloves

12 DVD Players, one VHS player, and a DVD shelf

10 jukeboxes & 1 karaoke machine

20 DVDs and CDs

7 animatronic dogs & cats

6 electric wheelchairs

6 popcorn machines, 2 cotton candy machines, and a snow cone maker

6 boxes clothes, purses, and jewelry

5 weighted blankets

5 flag poles & service flags

3 big screen TVs & wall mounts for common areas

3 sets dentures

2 desktops computers, 2 printers, 1 laptop, 1 tablet PC, 1 wireless headset, and a computer table

2 small refrigerators, small microwave, 2 griddles, 2 blenders

1 each: lift recliner, bongo drums, gas grill, electric scooter, charcoal grill, electronic dart board, GYENNO Steady Spoon, and items for 5 other personal requests

PLUS $3352 for >800 seniors to enjoy parties, trips, cookouts, movie nights, the Senior Olympics, and a Belle of Louisville Cruise

Hand-made garden boxes were an instant hit - and are already a staple of our  Summer of Fun  Initiative!

Hand-made garden boxes were an instant hit - and are already a staple of our Summer of Fun Initiative!

Things we did…

Provided 2,000 spiritual care & counseling

Hundreds of visits from our animal ministry (rabbits, ducklings, guinea pigs, and a cat)

Supplied tickets, transportation, and volunteers to take 41 people to the KY State Fair

Took 10 seniors on a Fishing Trip

Repaired 8 wheelchairs

Took a hospice patient on the trip of a lifetime to see her beloved UK Wildcats

Helped one resident become radio DJ for a day – and a local celebrity

Rented a van & took a resident on a road trip to visit family

Rented a van & took a resident to a family reunion

Arranged for senior to be moved to facility near family, in Illinois

Financial Transparency for Prospective Donors

Click here to view Opal’s Dream Foundation 2018 Federal Form 990

Click here to view our 2018 Annual Report

Click here to view Opal’s Dream Foundation 2017 Federal Form 990

Click here to view our 2017 Annual Report

We’re committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, including transparency with the public. If you would like to know more about our operations, use of resources, governance, or nonprofit philosophy, please contact us at admin@opalsdreamfoundation.org

Growth in Services

Christmas Program Growth

Let's Work Together

By contributing your time or money, you can work with us to bring comfort and smiles where they're needed most. We are always looking for compassionate volunteers, new donors, and community partners. Take the first step toward changing someone’s life. 

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Opal’s 2019 Gala Sponsors

Every year, Opal’s relies on our generous community partners to help us ensure our annual Gala is successful in raising the funds necessary to sustain our important mission. Below, you’ll find a list of companies who have chosen to engage with their community and help make dreams come true for local seniors - in turn, we hope you’ll consider engaging with them, too.

Presenting Sponsor

Media Sponsor

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Read Opal's Story In Her Own Words 

We have taken up our mission in loving memory of Opal Grubbs, a kind woman with a great smile, who spent 43 years of her life in a nursing home, and worked tirelessly to make the dreams of her fellow residents come true.