is a 501(c)(3) charity, working in senior care facilities to improve the quality of life in those communities. A new blanket, an electric wheelchair, or a trip to the Zoo - we get requests big and small, and we love making dreams come true.


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Watch the video below to see what inspired us to take up this mission.

Video courtesy Paul Goodyear.

This is the story of Opal Grubbs, a kind woman with a great smile, who spent 43 years of her life in a nursing home. Her one dream - to see the ocean - was sadly, never fulfilled. In her memory, we have taken up the mission of providing comfort and companionship to other seniors - and sometimes we make dreams come true.

Read Opal's Story In Her Own Words 

The Lives We Touch:

2017 Year In Review

Below are a few of the thousands of dreams we've helped come true over the years. Sometimes, it's a pair of new socks; sometimes it's new legs. We make dreams - big and small - come true whenever we can. We partner with businesses, and work with people just like you to make good things happen in the lives of local seniors - and Opal's knows how to get our money's worth. Don't believe us? Look what we accomplished with $102,000 in donations.

Things We Gave AwAY

73,789 small gifts items in 5,130 Christmas Gift Bags

1447 Bottles of Lotion

109 pairs glasses

352 stuffed animals & comfort pets

120 Activities Books

60 Boxes of Crayons

28 TV’s, a surround sound system, and plenty of DVD’s

26 pillows & blankets

Dozens of items of clothing

17 CD players

7 Juke Boxes

5 sets of Dentures

4 wheelchairs

3 Karaoke Machines

3 Record Players

3 Cricut Machines

3 sets of wheelchair batteries

3 Cases of Toothpaste

3 Tablets

2 Walkers

Chest of Drawers

Bible on CDs


Subscription for the Courier Journal


Provided >1500 hours of spiritual care

Threw 8 parties

Repaired 5 wheelchairs

Set up a TV Station

Set up a Salon

Led trips to the Kentucky State Fair, Pendleton Farm, Cracker Barrel, Bats Games, Derby Museum, Movie Theaters, Golden Corral, and an ice cream shop

Provided transportation to get 25 residents to the Belle of Louisville

Gave games & prizes at half a dozen homes

Paid for dozens of live music & magic shows

Provided cremation services for a veteran

Let's Work Together

By contributing your time or money, you can work with us to bring comfort and smiles where they're needed most. 

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