In 2018, Opal’s Dream Foundation brought >75,000 individual gifts to 5,700 Seniors in 74 facilities!


Early in the morning on Black Friday we assembled our army of volunteers at Eby-Brown in Shepherdsville, and loaded up dozens of vehicles with gifts. Those 75,000 individual gifts had been sorted into lots for 74 facilities over a period of months - purchasing and sorting the items begins in January each year. With the help of our volunteers, and our provider-partners, we brought joy to 5,700 residents at area nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Special thanks to Founder & Chairman Jerry Stith - who personally oversees purchasing and sorting, to Paul Lodics and Eby-Brown for allowing us to use several thousand square feet of warehouse space, to the activities and social service directors without whom this would not be possible, and to our generous donors for their financial support.

Donating just $10 can bring Joy to a senior this Christmas!


Distribution of our signature Opal’s Christmas Gift Bags has become an industrial-scale challenge - AND the local news came to check it out!

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