The Lives We've Touched

Below are a few of the thousands of dreams we've helped come true over the years. Sometimes, it's a pair of new socks; sometimes it's new legs. We make dreams - big and small - come true whenever we can. We partner with businesses, and work with people just like you to make good things happen in the lives of local seniors.

2017 Year In Review

Opal's knows how to get our money's worth. Don't believe us? Look what we did with this year's donations...


Provided >1500 hours of spiritual care

Threw 8 parties

Repaired 5 wheelchairs

Set up a TV Station

Set up a Salon

Led trips to the Kentucky State Fair, Pendleton Farm, Cracker Barrel, Bats Games, Derby Museum, Movie Theaters, Golden Corral, and an ice cream shop

Provided transportation to get 25 residents to the Belle of Louisville

Gave games & prizes at half a dozen homes

Paid for dozens of live music & magic shows

Provided cremation services for a veteran

Things We Gave AwAY

73,789 small gifts items in 5,130 Christmas Gift Bags

1447 Bottles of Lotion

109 pairs glasses

352 stuffed animals & comfort pets

120 Activities Books

60 Boxes of Crayons

28 TV’s, a surround sound system, and plenty of DVD’s

26 pillows & blankets

Dozens of items of clothing

17 CD players

7 Juke Boxes

5 sets of Dentures

4 wheelchairs

3 Karaoke Machines

3 Record Players

3 Cricut Machines

3 sets of wheelchair batteries

3 Cases of Toothpaste

3 Tablets

2 Walkers

Chest of Drawers

Bible on CDs


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Christmas 2017

With the help of numerous volunteers, board members, and nursing home staff, Opal's had our best year of Christmas giving yet! While we always distribute gifts during the Christmas season, in 2017 we hit a record high 5,000 gift bags distributed across dozens of homes!


Also on the 21st of December, Santa delivered a Karaoke Machine to Klondike Care Center (right).  The Activities Director Peggy Spaulding was in her morning meeting when she heard Santa make an unusually hard and noisy landing in their parking lot.  She was pleasantly surprised with the Karaoke Machine and that Santa delivered it well before Christmas.

 Savannah is an elf in Santa's elite Sinter Squad, and was a tremendous help this year!

Savannah is an elf in Santa's elite Sinter Squad, and was a tremendous help this year!

IMG_1953 (2).jpg

During Santa’s visit to Brownsboro Hills Nursing Home on December 19th, a resident of that home, Victor, made a special request to Santa.  Victor really wanted some paper, envelopes, pens, and stamps so he could write some letters.  So Santa, in keeping with his mission, had his elves put together a package for Victor - and he had two of his operatives, Bobby and Savannah (with the help of the Activities Director Michele Edwards), hand deliver this package to him on just 4 days later, on December 21st.  Victor was surprised and very happy. (Left)


Santa stayed very busy that day - he and his helper, Savannah (left), delivered all the equipment needed to create a small TV studio inside the Green Valley Nursing Home to the Activities Director, April Davidson. With the help of John Brown, April has coordinated with the local cable company to create a dedicated channel for use at Green Valley.  They plan on involving their residents in creating different TV shows, and broadcasting them throughout the home. 

Victor B2.jpg

Victor (December 2017)

Victor, a Vietnam veteran from the Green Valley Care Center, is a guitar player from way back.  He spent time in Luckenbach, Texas as a young man, where he met Willie Nelson. He had several guitars through the years but lost them. Victor's Christmas wish came true yesterday when Opal's brought him a new guitar, which he started playing immediately. Facing his first Christmas without his wife, Victor said playing the guitar would help him through it. 


Melissa rodgers (2016)

The owner of the Wig Shoppe donated a nice wig, and a complete set of wig care products to help give Melissa a great new look. Opal's also treated her to a well-deserved spa day, including manicure and pedicure. It was amazing to see the renewed confidence this gave her, and the smile on her face never faded.

Signature Healthcare

This nursing home got a serious upgrade with a real Jukebox and a popcorn machine!



Belen Cabera-Herrera

Mrs. Cabera-Herrera didn't speak English, and requested a tablet computer so she could watch videos and listen to music in Spanish.
Here she is with Megan Stimpson, activities Director at Rockford Health and Rehabilitation; Opals also provided a couple of MP3 players to be loaned out to the other residents.

Mike Wilson

Dreams are as unique as the people that request them. Mike, a resident of Friendship Health and Rehab, was made an Honorary Member of the Derby City Hogs. They even presented him with his own club vest.


Roy Welcher

Mobility is so important for quality of life, so Dean McDonald, an Opal's Dream Board Member, delivered an Electric Wheelchair to Mr. Roy Welcher at Rockford Manor Nursing Home. Mr. Welcher was joined by the Assistant Activities Director-Dorothy Hutton, Nurse Sue and the Activities Director-Megan Stimpson.

The Ladies of Friendship Manor

Check out the ladies from Friendship Manor enjoying a Tea Party at the Tea House in La Grange.

These ladies have not been able to venture beyond their nursing home due to the lack of funds, but thanks to generous donations from people like you, we treated them to a special lady's day out. Peter Kauffman, Opal's Foundation Chaplain, accompanied this group of seven ladies to the Tea House. Special thanks to the Tea House for supplying the ladies with hats to wear when they had their tea and cookies. Looks like it was a great time for all involved!

When You Do Good Things, People Notice

Our mission is catching on across Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana, just check out the media coverage!